Originating from the sands of the Sunny Coast, on Australia’s sub tropical east coast, Ashiver came about after a few too many burnt noses. Co-founders Leah and Moriah, who serendipitously met in San Diego, decided a colorful solution was in order! After a long stint traveling North America, Moriah returned to Noosa, Australia, and Leah decided to stay put in Encinitas, San Diego. Not long after that, Ashiver was born.

What we stand for

At the core of Ashiver is our commitment to a respectful coexistance with the marine environment. This translates practically to the inclusion of certified recycled materials and packaging that draws waste out of the ocean. We also support the notion of a shared marine environment, especially one with sharks. And, that just so happens to be how our name came about..

A Shiver = a group of sharks

As water people, we have a responsibility to ourselves to protect our skin from the scorching sun, and a responsibility to the ocean to protect the place we like to play in most. Join us on our plight to protect freckly noses and promote shark welfare  - coast to coast, across the Pacific Ocean and back again, one hat at a time! 

How to care for your hat.

After Surf Hat Care

We want you to get the most out of your surf hats, and to do that we suggest practising a small hat care routine

Cold Water Wash

Simply hand wash your surf hat with cool fresh water after use. Washing all sides, inside and out.

Shade Dry

Then place your hat flat in the shade to let dry naturally, ready for your next surf or adventure.

Pauly - Verrierdale

My new favourite hat, I can't take it off. Working as an adventure guide up Rainbow Beach requires I have a waterproof, versatile, comfy and breathable hat that will stay on in amongst all the movement. I can't recommend this hat more!

Gabby - Noosa Heads

Finally a hat that I am happy to wear in the surf that isn't super bulky and can allow me to stay out in the surf for longer.

Perry - Coolum Beach

Game changer. Super reliable and I love the removable padding option for carrying the log.

Keep me posted!