Co-Founders of Ashiver, Leah and Mo

Originating from the sands of the Sunny Coast, on Australia’s sub tropical east coast, Ashiver came about after a few too many burnt noses. Co-founders Leah and Moriah were feeling rather entrepreneurial one day and decided it was time to not just talk about the solution, but create it! After a long stint traveling separately around North America, and forming long lasting friendships in Encinitas, CA and Tofino, BC, Ashiver was born.

At the core of Ashiver is our commitment to coexistence with the marine environment. This translates practically to the inclusion of certified recycled materials and packaging that draws waste out of the ocean, certified ethical manufacturers, and a clear message - we support a shared environment with sharks. And, that just so happens to be how our name came about..


Ashiver: the name given to a group of sharks


As water people, we have a responsibility to ourselves to protect our skin from the scorching sun, and a responsibility to the ocean to protect the place we like to play in most. Join us on our plight to protect freckly noses and shark welfare  - coast to coast, across the Pacific Ocean and back again, one hat at a time

Founders of Ashiver